It Gets Better After This!

— About the Book

Have you felt like you've been in a rut? Is there a war going on within? Have people been very disappointing and let you down? Have the outcomes of life chipped away at you piece by piece? Are you overwhelmed?

Cedric Williams wants to help.

This book is an exploration leading to the great treasure within yourself. In it, Cedric provides practical ways to handle your flashbacks and lingering problems that come from past trauma. This book will take you on a scavenger hunt for the hidden treasures within your life.

Through it, you will find your treasure, your God-given gifts, and your talents. You might even find out about things you've never known about yourself. This book will give you concrete ways on how to deal with the following issues:

  • Overcoming verbal and physical abuse
  • The obstacles of name-calling
  • The bait of intimidation
  • False perceptions

As you read each chapter, you will find new ways to grow your confidence and in the end, truly know that It Gets Better After This!


About the Author: Cedric W. Williams Min.

Cedric W. Williams is a speaker, mentor, music producer, and entrepreneur. He received education in public speaking and business administration from Vincennes University and Ivy Tech State College. Cedric is a former mentor of the illustrious Unity Performing Arts Foundation located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and has been a small business owner since 2011.

His heart for people and impacting the next generation has become the signature statement of his ministry. In his new book, It Gets Better After This!, Cedric tells many stories of his traumatic experiences with key tips to overcoming them.

Cedric provides practical solutions to heal, forgive, and restore. Anyone who struggles with verbal and physical abuse, low self-esteem, or bullying can benefit from his wisdom.

On top of his writing, Cedric is the founder of two companies in hospitality and transportation. He is also a man of God, working as a licensed minister. Cedric resides in Clarksville, Tennessee, with his wife Leah and daughter London.